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Hank Cole 

Just checking in

doc's comment: keep in touch Brother. Reunion in Portland Oregon, august 13-17, see the 101 web site. 

John Carey 

I don't know why, but the face and memory of Sp/5 Cintennio, our senior medic from June to December, 1966, keeps coming back to me lately. He went on R&R for Christmas to meet his wife (I think) in Hawaii, and never returned to us. I was told that he died of Blackwater fever while on R&R. He treated me on 10/6//66 and told me I needed to be med-evaced. I argued, but he won despite our rank. I've looked for him on "The Wall" website several times, but can't find him. I don't know if I have the wrong spelling for his name, or if those who died for "non-hostile" reasons aren't listed as casualties. He damn sure died for being with us, and should be counted just as if he'd taken a 7.62 AK round through the heart.
This is probably crazy, but does anyone besides me remember him and know more about him? I'd like to tell whoever he left behind how good he was and what he meant to me and the other Tigers.

Michael Cuff Jr. 

Thank you, all of you for your service, you are Heros, to me and this world, most of all, this country. Thank you for your Service.

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Vicky Wood-Teeters 

Doug (Doc) Teeters in VA hospital in Vancouver WA with shattered hip and broken shoulder from a bad fall in the driveway.  Any of y'all that might want to send him a card: address is VA Med Ctr, 1601 E Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661.  He has cell phone with also 503 409 0906.

Hank note: Thanks for posting this Vicky. 

Carol Yohn 

I am the sister-in-law of PFC Thomas L. Yohn, RECON PLT, HHC, 1ST BN, 101 ABN DIV. Tiger Force, 1966. Tommy was KIA June 8, 1966, Dak To, along with 8 others. My husband Billy, also a Vietnam Veteran, and I are looking for anyone whom may have known Tommy and looking for any pictures.

We would be very grateful. Thank You.
God Bless.
Carol & Billy Yohn


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I was with the Tiger Force from Jan 1966 to July 1966. RTO. Glad to here that there are still theres a few of us still left. Thanks Hank keep up the good work. I have some good photos. One taken Feb.8 1966 at tiger field where Gardner was killed. Where do I send them?

Denise Wynn 


My name is Denise Wynn I am Ray Wynn's wife. I am writing for information from anyone that might remember anything about Ray's injury that he got from a B-40 rocket when he was in B Company, 1/327. I am hoping he talked to someone in Tiger Force about what happened.  He needs proof from a witness who heard about it or maybe was there. I have been trying to get a Purple Heart for him and the V.A. doesn't recognize the injury. Right now he is in the James Lovell hospital in Chicago to help with his PTSD .  I talked to him so far he is doing good.  Anyway if you have info or remember send me a letter by email you can use Ray's Emailor mail it 13792 S Cottage Rd  Barbeau Mi 49710   Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Denise

Hank's note:The VA doesn't need a Purple Heart for the veteran to receive care or to rate at 100% for PTSD. Ray had plenty of experiences in both B company and Tigers to adequately cover that issue. We need some buddy letters either of the B-40 incident with B Company, or any other firefight, mortar or ambush experience with either Tigers or B Company, that anyone remembers Ray being in the middle of. Anyone who does have input, contact me for format of "buddy letter". 

joe genereux 

Doc's note: If anyone has a photo of Pruett, send it to me, and I will see about getting it posted.

Richard T. Murphy 

I am trying again to call MSG or CSM Vickery the leader of men that he was. Tiger Force he was but hush hush. He worked with "Chief" and Heckard was in another LRRP tm that made it as PSG 2/75th Co C. Rangers early 80s

Emil Burmeister 

This letter is to John Harris with the 17th Cav unit at Dak To. The next day when we left the battle sight I remember finding our Packs we dropped before we moved forward into the ambush. I remember having the NVA trapped on a hill with Puff firing flares and the Gatling guns. What a site to remember, the flare canisters which i thought were going to fall on our heads and the guns from Puff. That was a long night. Hope you see this post.

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Jensen James 

To those who knew Ronald Eugene James,

My name is Jensen James, I am a student in seminole Oklahoma. We are studying the Vietnam era; our goal is to see through the eyes of those involved and through the eyes of the observers who documented that era. We also are synthesizing several sources into a documented biographical essay and multimedia memorial of the honored United States soldier assigned. Through our memorials, we will create our own 'Virtual Vietnam Experience' commemorating those that served their country in a time of need.

In hopes of capturing the true essence of Ronald, I ask for the help of those that knew him. Please email me back if you are willing to answer some questions over this time and Ronald. I understand for any reason, this subject is not to be broached.

Jensen James

Linda Patterson 

Hank, it is an honor for ASA (America Supporting Americans) to represent your young brothers (OEF) today, the elite unit of the Scouts/Snipers.   They are presently hooked up with one of ASA's awesome youth groups Warren Lacrosse.  They will be supporting them with care packages, letters, etc.  The kids are excited and their Coach has made contact with SGT Clausing.   Lastly, I had the priviledge of meeting and spending some time with a few of your Tigers in '68 at Camp Eagle when I went their for Christmas to visit my brother's unit A/1-327 representing the City of San Mateo, CA who adopted his unit as you know.  Hope some of your brother warriors will visit our global website to see where that first city adoption March 4, 1968 brought us to ASA.  San Mateo celebrated the Welcome Home they gave their adopted unit in Jan. 1972 - 40 Year Anniversary last Memorial many original adopted troopers came out for the event marching along side their young brothers 3 days the adopted cities honored them as the heroes they are - Documentary Film DVD beginning with the Vietnam War to the present shows support for our soldiers past & present..   ABU Sis, Linda
NOTE FROM HANK: The final adoption will probably go ahead soon, with a City suggested by, and already vetted by Linda. This is a great idea, and is really needed. God Bless Linda for her work supporting the units in the 327 Infantry. 

Ray Wynn  


I was in E company 1/327 and I am looking to get in touch with anyone else from E company 1/327.  I was there in Jan - March 1969.   Just would like to talk with some old Army buddies.     Also if anyone knows (Snowball) who was in Company B 1/327 he would have been with me in 1968-1969  They called me John Wayne  I was a m-60 gunner and RTO if any one has any information on anyone from then get ahold of me please. Was also in B company 1/327

Ray Wynn (John Wayne)

Mike Kettles 


Hello everyone.  My name is Mike Kettles and I am trying to located Tiger Force and 327th Infantry personnel who were present on 15 May 1967 in the Song Tra Cau riverbed ambush.  The reason is to support a Valor award reconsideration for Major Kettles, a pilot in the 176th AHC who led an emergency extraction of personnel from the riverbed in the late afternoon.

In addition I was hoping to speak with ground force personnel who could help explain how the events of that day unfolded.  There is some information in the book Six Silent Men (Book One) beginning on page 165.  There is also a mention in the book Tiger Force (widely panned as a waste of paper) on page 15.

I also want to thank to Hank Ortega, Dewey Smith and John Neely for their help to date.  It’s been a humbling experience researching this event and communicating with the men who served our country so long ago.

Mike Kettles

11614 Valleydale Drive

Dallas, TX 75230

(214) 691-9131

Dewey Smith 

I served w/B Co 66/67.  2 plts of B Co sent in to help TF on morning of 15th May, 67.  Mike Kettles, son of huey flight comander that day is looking for any member of Tiger Force that may have been there that day.  His email addy is .  Major Kettles was awarded a DSC for his actions that day.

Hank's note: The family is trying to upgrade to MOH. Your call as to if you want to contact them. 

Santana Carnero 

I served with The Tiger Force 65-67.  Really enjoyed the site and was glad to see a name i remember and would really like to get in touch with Fred Vaughn, Remember my 56 Corvette? hope to hear from you or anyone that has info about him.

Santana Carnero

Christina Ward 

Might any one of you gentlemen know of my father?  Robert J. Ward.  Medic. 1965-66.  Carried a shotgun.  Called Doc, (like every other medic) or Red. From Milwaukee, WI. 

Would mean alot to me, his daughter.

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