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james ward 

with tigers 69-71

Tommy Thompson 

Member Tiger April to June 06, 1968 / Medic

Richard Washburn 

My uncle, Sgt Lawrence Mitchell was a member of the Tiger Team from April 1967 to his death on a Huey, Quang Ngai Province SV, 16 June 1967. A number of other individuals were KIA along with him. I have read an account of Sgt Robert Mohs sitting next to my Uncle on the Huey at the time he was hit. I have looked at the photo of the Tiger Team 1967 and the back row, far left person has a 98% chance of being my Uncle. If anyone has any further information on Robert Mohs or Lawrence Mitchell, I'd love to hear from you. 
Richard Washburn


Had a man tell me he was in this company of men in Vietnam. I seen his name, he was telling the truth.

Mandy Lane 

I Googled my dad's name just to see if anything would come up and I was proud to find this...the Tiger Force team photo for 1968.  I know this photo because it hangs in my house! My dad is Sgt. Dwight Lane doing the "hook em horns".  And while I know my dad and this is a picture of his personality, it's amazing to read of some of the names I have heard growing up.  I'm so grateful that this page exists!

Blake Williams 

Anybody read this from the 07-08 crew? this is me Willy, lost my phone with all yalls numbers. my new number is 817-296-4567. hows Jamin doing?

Don Brunett 

Thank you men for your service. I've read a lot about you. Screaming Eagles!

Don Brunett 92-94

Tyrone Adam Williamson 

Dougie Teeters is a long time Brother of mine and I just have not been able to get ahold of him, Does anyone Know if he is ok.. His wife is Vickey.  Oregon
Thank You all for your Service

Tyrone Williamson

Paul Virsu 

I am proud that Tiger Force represented our country and I am proud of the achievements and bravery of these men.

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Sorry, this is a private entry which is only viewable by the owner.

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Andrew Jordan 

Has anyone heard from Elden Bronco or Doc Aderhold, or Jim Machesio?

Paul cox 

Does anyone Recalll my brother in law, John (Jack) eland browder? If so, please contact me.

Bob Cieslak 

Sgt Terry Oakden K.I.A. 09/20/1967

Thinking of you often Terry.  You are missed.

John Carey 

This reunion is for all 66-67 Tigers and their families.

jOn Tuesday, April 5, 2016 1:11 PM, THOMAS AGERTON <> wrote:

Our 2016 reunion is set for June 23,24,25 with check out on Sun the 26th. It is at the Merriott Courtyard Memphis, TN, The address is
1780 Nonconnah Blvd, Memphis TN,  38132. It is located in a very nice &  quiet office park.It has 157 rooms,elevators, pool,a
resturant/snack bar secure parking and a whirlpool & fittness center.Our rate is $112.00 per night.
You can call Central Reservations at 800-321-2211 or  the motel     direct at    901-396-3600. Please identify yourself as a Tiger Force
Reunion attendee at the Marriott   courtyard at Memphis,Tn airport inn. The last day to register for special rate is June 1st. You may
also book on line at Put in dates 6/23-626 and click on special rates. Our group rate code is TFRA. There will be a
large, private  Tiger Hospitality Room just off the main lobby.
 we also have 2 optional excursions;your choice,one ,both or none. The first is a Fri night,June 24th dinner cruse on tne Mighty Mississippiu
on the paddle wheeler MEMPHIS QUEEN. The cost is 45.00/per person.
The 2nd option is a bus tour on Sat, the 25th, that will be on Sat, the  25th & will include a tour of Graceland with include tickets and lunch
at BB King's resturant in downtown. The cost is $73.24 per person. i need to know how many want to go on either excursion by MAY 10TH.
yOU CAN e MAIL me at or call me at  770-414-8909.
For Leo,JR and other would be PGA pros the closes course is Overton Park at 2080 Popular Ave, Memphis,TN Phone is 901-725-9905
and hours are 7AM til &PM.
If you of any Tiger whose is not included in above addresses please contact them with this info
Tom Agerton

john carey 

Tom Rosales reports that Robert Diaz (66-67) passed away in Union City, CA on 4/13/16. His memorial service will be held on 4/23/16 between 1-4pm at his home at 32765 Downieville St,  Union City, CA  94587.
He was a good Tiger.

Kevin Farrell 

Great website.

COA 1/327th Infantry
Vietnam 1971

Donald E Gage 

For anyone who knew him,
My Friend, Charles A Fulton, died night before last.
He is pictured in the Base Camp Photo 1967.
Chuck is kneeling, bottom row, second from left.
Thank you all, for you're Service.
Note: This is indeed the saddest part of managing this web site, the loss of members for whom we did not know the location. If you are a Tiger, or know a Tiger, please check in, either here or on Facebook.

Matt D 

I am the son of Robin Varney, KIA 9/27/67, when I was 3 months old. Just looking to communicate with anybody who might have known him, as there has been a giant void in my life for 48 years.
His mother died recently, and I've been looking through all of his stuff that has been stored for, well, 48 years I guess[smile]. Looking through the box of what I have left of him provoked some thoughts about life and such. What stands out like a proud sore thumb from all the sympathy form letters from the state and many offices of the federal government, is one handwritten letter from Rich Ammons.
Written to his mom, it expresses his sorrow for the loss, and how the hardest thing he ever did was having to identify the body. Thank you Rich, I'm sure it meant a lot to my grandma, and next to the medals I can now display, it's one of the special things in this small pile I have left. Don't hesitate to email me if any of his friends are still out there.

June Augusta 

My son is Sgt. Eric J Hernandez better known as
(P Fernando ) was KIA on Dec 4,2007. He loved is job, would do what ever it took to get things done. Would help any one that needed it or asked for it.
I was at Fort Campbell recently and hàd the honor to meet Hank Ortega and some men from Eric's unit, all of you made me feel so welcomed. It is so nice to get to talk to people that new him we can each find out different things that we didnt know. Memories are all we have. Thank you all for that.
From my family to yours thank you for your service past and present.
God Bless June Augusta
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