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John F. Murphy  

I was there as rto for Sgt Mitchell. Bill Carpenter and I were good friends. And Wayne Towers. And I never knew I could do this. David McCleary stepped on a mine. I knew Moss he was a good friend of mine.

Dellrie Humphrey 

My dad is, Army Maj. Franklin J. Hon, who served in Vietnam as a medic from 1966 to 1968 as an enlisted.  He recently passed away but on his death bed told me a few stories about his days in Vietnam.  I wanted to take him on a cruise before he passed and he refused, and when I asked him, "Why?".  He told me about a time when they were moving the hospital and the ship got caught in a Typhoon.  He kept his memories of Vietnam closed off for many years.  I would love to hear any stories or see any photos anybody has of my dad.  God bless!!!

Pam Ward 

My husband Jimmy Gene Ward was in the 101st Airborne, Tiger Force Recon from 1964-1968 ( I think those dates are right) he passed away in March of 2000 and he always hoped to reconnect with some of the ones he served with but didn't get to...he was from Sweeny ,Texas (Brazoria County)..I found his pic in the team photo from 1966 the top row , first one on the left and again in the 1967 team photo he is on the top row , the fifth one from the left..I would appreciate anyone that may have known him to share anything you might remember for myself,his children and son has his scrapbook that has many photos and newspaper articles,etc.. any memories you could share would greatly appreciated...thank you, Pam Ward

Stuart Grenville-Price 

Dear V.Vets, I applaud your bravery and send regards from the UK.

Art Reid 

Looking for buddy, Joe Evans, Tiger Force 1967, wounded and evac'd from shrapnel.

Rick Ramos  

Great site Thanks for sharing

Randy Goins  

Greetings Tiger Force veterans, thank you for service. Iam the son of Cordell Goins, I was curious to see if anyone knew him and had any stories that they would care to offer. He is in the Team photo 1967. If anyone would like to contact me, my email:
Thank you


I really appreciate the effort that you continue to put forth to honor the people who served in this conflict. I am very interested in all information regarding recon, lrp, lrrp. Thank you so much,

Jeffrey Bonacci  

Thanks for your service

james ward 

Didn't know about this site.Glad a brother turned me on to it.T..F.  1970.1/327 A/ATW


Was Sgt. Lee's RTO when I got to tiger force. Was Lt's RTO no
May 15 lost all my phone numbers when I lost my cell phone.
E mail

Ron Brenton 

I was with 1/327th Sept 1969 to 1 Jan 1972. Proud to have served as RTO carrying a PRC25 . Came home to pretty unfriendly environment, but seems they finally have gotten it right welccoming veterans home.
1/327 "Above the Rest". Still wear my "Jump Mary" and carry 1/327 coin in my wallet after all these years.

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Jacob Oliveira 

   My Neighbor Richard Recendez Member of the 101st Was the man who carried Lonnie Butts To the helicopter and was shot 2 times (once in the right arm, and right shoulder) Only for Lonnie to be killed by stray fire. 

   He went out and dragged more back but He can't talk about Lonnie, (For obvious traumatic reasons)

james ward 

with tigers 69-71

Tommy Thompson 

Member Tiger April to June 06, 1968 / Medic

Richard Washburn 

My uncle, Sgt Lawrence Mitchell was a member of the Tiger Team from April 1967 to his death on a Huey, Quang Ngai Province SV, 16 June 1967. A number of other individuals were KIA along with him. I have read an account of Sgt Robert Mohs sitting next to my Uncle on the Huey at the time he was hit. I have looked at the photo of the Tiger Team 1967 and the back row, far left person has a 98% chance of being my Uncle. If anyone has any further information on Robert Mohs or Lawrence Mitchell, I'd love to hear from you. 
Richard Washburn


Had a man tell me he was in this company of men in Vietnam. I seen his name, he was telling the truth.

Mandy Lane 

I Googled my dad's name just to see if anything would come up and I was proud to find this...the Tiger Force team photo for 1968.  I know this photo because it hangs in my house! My dad is Sgt. Dwight Lane doing the "hook em horns".  And while I know my dad and this is a picture of his personality, it's amazing to read of some of the names I have heard growing up.  I'm so grateful that this page exists!

Blake Williams 

Anybody read this from the 07-08 crew? this is me Willy, lost my phone with all yalls numbers. my new number is 817-296-4567. hows Jamin doing?
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